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Search Typeahead How would we handle a DB machine going down? (1)
Search Typeahead How would you take care of application layer fault tolerance? (1)
Few additions would help clarify a design bit more (1)
What is a good data structure to store my search queries so that I can quickly retrieve the top 5 most popular queries? (2)
What is the downside of assigning one branch to a different shard? (1)
Would we only shard on the first level? (1)
What optimizations can we do to improve read efficiency? (1)
How would a read query on the trie work? (2)
A correction: In Q: Do we need to account for spelling mistakes ? you give: A: Ex (1)
Alright, how do we shard the data then? (3)
How many search queries are done per day? (2)
(more points): 4. CDNs are a must here. Since the prefix tree rarely changes (rel (1)
(more points): 3. Just like point 2, you could send tree subsets per query respon (1)
Interesting. Some points worth mentioning about optimization: 1. The design uses (1)