InterviewBit Problems   Kth Row of Pascal's Triangle : Unsolved

Getting 'Wrong Answer' in Efficiency (1)
When i submit the code it fails for k = 4 and shows this error "*** Error in `./s (1)
I think the timer should pause for the time duration while the submitted solution (1)
Hey you can declare as many function as you want but you can't define main functi (1)
Ya i got it , that was displayed temporarily . Thank you (1)
Hi Suhas, Please click on the "Seek Help" button. Someone should respond very so (1)
Hi, for A : 4 it is showing Your function returned the following : 1 4 6 14 11 (1)
Abhinandan Mittal Hi, I am sorry you had to encounter that. We noticed that issue (1)
Anshuman Singh don't take it otherwise but people are just replying on the qs,not (1)
"Seek Help" button? (1)
Vicky Bajoria As far as I know, no company interview would provide you with an ID (1)
Anshuman Singh Hi Anshuman.. I want to know during Requitement process, do they a (1)
Hi Vicky, yes go ahead and use your IDE for coding as well. We are however going (1)
Hi Abhishek, Totally agree. However, in almost no interview, would the interviewe (1)