InterviewBit Problems   Repeating Sub-Sequence : Unsolved

Solution also possible without DP (3)
Actual Problem Statement (4)
The problem statement is a bit unclear. If you look at it, "abba" also has repeat (4)
Aaa return 1 ,but aab return 0.The subsequence concept is not clear (2)
Problem statement is incorrect (1)
Abba has 2 subsequence, b(1)a(3) and b(2)a(3) (4)
Different answer in test with custom input and on submit for the same input (1)
Exact problem statement (3)
Dynamic Programming: REPEATING SUB SEQUENCE. The string "abba" has 2 subsequence, b(1)a(3) and b(2)a(3) (1)
Getting a doubt in how exactly do the test cases work (1)
It is not clear in the question what a repeating sub-sequence is. It was clarified only once I looked at the hint. Pls correct this (1)
Missing Constraints (1)
Please, make clear that "contains itself" means string has another occurrence of the same subseq, in any place of the input (any starting index) (1)