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CodeNation Innovation Labs (CNIL) is conducting a nationwide Coding Challenge, CodeAgon !
You get a chance to win prizes worth over 2 lakhs and a chance to interview with CNIL for the position of Software Development Engineer for 2021 graduating students and Summer Internship for 2022 graduating students.
Use this category to create new topics and get in touch with fellow programmers who are participating in CodeAgon 2020 as well! :slight_smile:

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will i get opportunity to interview for software engineer role if I’m a 2020 graduate student .


Can someone post previous year CodeAgon questions …




2018 questions ?


How many questions needs to be solved to get an interview opportunity.


Does anybody know a source where we can find the previous questions?


Are 2020 grads eligible for the job interview ?


Sorry to say but you need to learn how to use discussion forum first. :blush:


Will there be partial marking?


Screen stuck at 3 dots loading screen after I run tests in expected outcome section.
Please help


Should I refresh the page