Accolite 2020 SDE interview experiences


Basically iam an electrical engg from IIT INDORE ,
so people how think being an elec engg i would be tough to get pass interview that u r wrong there are some companies out there who acknowledge ur talent despite of low knowlegde in core conpects ,so better ready with your problem solving skills ,and complete all the problem from interviewbit before appearing for a company.

firstly there was a aptitude test in which they tested mathematical skills reasoning and pretty much english things .i was easy btw and after completion of test we have received our scored then and there,and the people with more than 60% are qualified to coding test .

CODING TEST : it was about 90 mins and only one question was given ,i have been asked about Graphs dfs problem ,at that iam not that ready to solve graph question ,my first thought is to quit but then i tried some brute force lucky there where only 6 test cases i tired to pass 3 then i was selected for further round only few where able to qualify bcoz most of the peps left the question unattempted.

FIRST TECH INTERBVIEW : my was very nervous at that time ,i was prepared well on OOPS concepts and basic sql questions and i revised all the DSA problems expect graphs ,personally i feel interview bit questions on trees and linked list should be well known when we give any interview .
i was asked firstly to walk through my CV (resume),we discussed about my projects for some time and then he started with basic OOPS questions ,and then some coding problems like rearrange a string to form a palindrome in a efficient way .and fin no’s dp problem ,this went quite well i felt a bit free soon i reiceved info to attend 2nd round

SECOND TECH INTERIEW : this time i was way tensed ,it started off with introduction and discussion about CV the interviewer was chill she made me feel less tensed and then we started on with basic SQL questions and then the coding questons
1.check whether a given tree is a valid BST .
2. check whether all the elements in the given tree is same or not.
3.reverse a linked list. find the k th node from the end .
and for all the questions we should state best time complexity and space comp.
and then i was asked about sorting algorithms,like how many you know name them ,
which is best in which scenario and then time complexity of algos
5.i have given a array in which only 3 diff type items are arranged she asked which algo will give us best time comp. i took time and then i suggest o(N) algo using simple map to count repetition i explained my algo why i prefer that instead a sorting algo then normal talk started about my family and my place where i live why i choosed that company ,waht my future goals etc.
later that night i was informed that i was selected ,that was great feeling:blush::blush: ,

i hope this might boost up confidence and might be helpful for your learning ,
in case need any help feel free to contact .