Another way of solution


we can arrange the wines in 25 X 40 manner so we have 25 rows of 40 bottles each
now we divide the 10 prisioners in 2 groups of 5 prisioners each,now we make all first prisioner of group1 drink combination of first rows 40 wines on day 1 ,similarly prisioner 2 drink 2 rows combo on day1 and thus first 5 rows combo is drink by 5 prisoners on day 1 ,then next 5 rows on day 2 and all rows get end up on day 5, so after one month on observing which prioner dies and on which day we know the row in which poisoned bottle is
also from day 1 we make the 2 group of 5 prisoner drink the wines in combos of colums so at the end of 7 days that is 1 week they will finish 5
7=35 colums ,also when the first group has drinken the 25 rows combo on day 5 we make them drink the combo of colums on day 6 from 36-40 (5 colums)
now after one month we know the row and if poisined bottle was in first 35 colums the prisioner of 2 gorup will die accordingly and we can predict
also if the poisoned bottle is in last 5 colums as one of the prisiner is already dead from group 1 due tor drinking combo of rows ,now if no other prisioner of group1 dies it means that the colum which the dead prioner drank has poisoned bottle and we can find the exact bottle ,also if other prisioner of group 1 dies we will know about tht colum and find exact bottle