Compilation error peeping in


redefinition of ‘int main()’
This compilation error is coming repeatedly. I tried with another IDE it’s working fine. the same issue in other functions based questions as well.


int main is already define. Don’t remove comment of main.


Do no uncomment the give code , and don’t define another int main fucntion , just define your function that is needed for the problem !!

template <class T>
int index_of_largest(T a[], int sze)
    T max = a[0];
    int index_of_max = 0;
    for (int index = 1; index < sze; index++){
        if (a[index] > max)
            max = a[index];
            index_of_max = index;
    return index_of_max;
using this, i think it will help to you !!!