Confuse by problem statement and test cases


Don’t understand how aabb is True and abba is False. Can someone pls explain me? - Thanks


aabb has “aa” or “bb” or “ab” as the repeating subsequence whose legnth is greater than 2 which the question clearly states while in abba the repeating subsqn is either “a” or “b” whose legnth is 1 that is the reason it is false


Please keep your brains moderators… why are you asking for int value 0 or 1 just to check if a subsequence exists… its so confusing. better ask for length of the subsequence. or make the function return value as boolean so that it doesn’t confuse.

Its so easy to confuse following two lines :
“Given a string A , find if there is any subsequence that repeats itself”
" Given a string A , find the subsequence that repeats itself"