Constraint of question not followed


Problem statement clearly states limit of A as

1 <= A <= 10^9

But one of the test case is a ten digit number : 2147483647


Also one of the testcase is A = 0


This is pretty bad!!!


This is the suckiest site I’ve tried for coding. Everything is all over the place.


Never mind. Well, I don’t think that the above test cases are gonna affect in any manner. What the primary objective was to tell the contestant that the integer is fit inside 32-bit integer also to make them realize that its sqaure is gonna lie outside of the range.


wasted my time and a series of wrong answers only for these stupid testcases, only to find that a long long instead of int would have solved this in a matter of few seconds. Atleast now update the constraints given!! @admin


I wasted my time because of that test case. According to constraint, It didn’t work