Could this site be any worse?


The problem setter himself doesn’t know how the side of triangle is defined.
In one case, the length between (i,0) and (j,0) is |i-j+1| while in other it is |i-j|


Yeah mate and if I take first definition then following must have answer as 128 right? because top left has r, bottom left has g, and rightmost column has b:
16 rbbbggrbrbrggrgr bgbrbbrgggrgrrrr rgbrrrbbgbbbrrrb bbgbrgrbbrgrrgbb
ggbrbrrbggggrrgb bgbrbrggbgrrgbrg grbbbgrbgbbgbbgr rbgbgbrrgrgbgbbr gbgrrgbbrrbbgbbg brgrbbrrbrgbgbrb rbbrrrbgrbgrbbrg rrggrrbbbrgbgggg rrrrgbbrgbbgbbrg rgbgrrrrggbbrrgr ggbrbbbbgrrrbrbb gggggrgbrbrbrrgr


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