Error in Problem Statement


The target should also be in the dictionary of words.

A correct example is (I have added “cog” in the dictionary):

A = "hit"
B = "cog"
C = ["hot", "dot", "dog", "lot", "log","cog"]

The output will be -> 5

Without the “cog” in the dictionary

A = "hit"
B = "cog"
C = ["hot", "dot", "dog", "lot", "log"]

The output will be -> 0

Hoping that Responsible ppl from Interviewbit fix it immediately. After all, it is copied from LeetCode.


No , bro actual error int the problem statement is no of steps
hit–>hot is considerd 1 step ,then u have to write 4 steps but tha ans is 5 steps


Was confused because of the same issue.