Examples not making sense


can someone explain me why this example

isMatch("aab", "c*a*b") → 1

returns 1? A string doesnt contain the character C, if is that so, why does make any difference from this
A : “baaaaaabaaaabaaaaababababbaab”
B : " … a * aa * a.aba * a * bab *" (needs to be two dots at the beginnig but the editor changes to 3)

which needs to return 0

b a a a aa aba a a aba aaaab a ba bab baab
. . a * aa * a . aba * a * bab *


‘.’ can take any single character and ’ * ’ can take its preceding character multiplied any number of time, even zero(no preceding character) or one,or two,…
Like in this example (“aab”, “c * a * b”) , zero c is possible due to first *, two a is possible due to next * and single character b.
I hope this makes you things clear…
for more clarity visit this link - https://youtu.be/mNbzDlGKmLs