Expected output ....test case wrong


I am getting Expected output does not match …

Your submission failed for the following input:
A : [ 1 ]
Your function returned the following :
Returned tree’s PreOrder traversal : [ 1 ]
Returned tree’s PostOrder traversal : [ 1 ]
The expected returned value :
Inorder Traversal : 1


I am also getting same error. Don’t know what to do


Same here! Please fix this so I can submit my code and move on… :sob:


same error me too after submitting a valid answer. Could you fix test case?


When I have submitted the solution i was not getting this error and code was also working fine now someone asked me for help and when I executed my submitted code then it is showing same error I think this is interview bit ide problem


same here. please help.


Facing same problem with output.


Same problem with input [1]


getting the same error


I’m getting the error for test case [1] as well. Could anyone share with me the fix for this problem? Thanks.


Has someone overcame this problem?


Getting the same error, please fix the tests


for testcase with input array : [1,2] – showing right answer while using “test as custom input”, but giving a runtime error on submission


I was also having same problem with Java 8 , as mentioned by archil_k_srivastava, submit your code in java 7 instead of java 8 , and also change the parameter from final int [] A to List A there, this is the only way around as of now. IB please fix this.


yes. as mentioned by akraturi, if you want to proceed with this problem, till the time interviewBit guys fix this, change to java 7 and change input to List


Try to change the following
use this “final List A” instead of this “final int[] A”
and Also submit using jdk7.
its works for me.