Explained Solution-If walking east brings u at same point u are done


Take a ring near the south pole with the circumference equal to 1 mile.Now take any point on the ring call it A.Now take a point 1 mile north from point A call it B.
Start from B move 1 mile south now we will be at A ,now moving 1 mile east brings us back to point A because ring circumference is 1 mile. Now moving 1 mile north from A takes us back to point B, which is the required point.
You can take infinite points like A on this ring.
Also, you can take the ring of circumference equal to half a mile. So moving a mile takes 2 turns and we are back to the same point.
and off course one answer is the North Pole.


I really don’t like this. You don’t make a mile east this way. Simple:
– How much’d you walk south?
– 1 mile.
– How much’d you walk east?
– 1 mile.
– How do you know that?

Not a good riddle.