Function Basic error while submitting solution (pasted solution yet not accepting)


Despite writing the same solution on my own and using this solution too., the compiler kept throwing errors. I tried the same solution in another IDE and the code worked perfectly. I couldn’t find a place to report so I am commenting here. Do look into it. Lost my points because of this.

My code with error:

Please guide me if there is a mistake in the code or else let me re-take the problem( or some way to let me earn my points).


aniket the code is executing in other IDE. The thing is that you have to write the only function and ignore the main and preprocessor in the interviewBit IDE. It might help you. I tried it for 40minutes.


Your code is correct, its the issue with the IDE I think,
I’m also facing same error, main function is defined at some imaginary line in the code as per the compiler.