Given an array of strings, return all groups of strings that are anagrams. Represent a group by a list of integers representing the index in the original list. Look at the sample case for clarification


I dont understand, again and again these problem having bug what happening !!! take a look this what i am getting after submission about my code

Your input:
A : [ “abbbaabbbabbbbabababbbbbbbaabaaabbaaababbabbabbaababbbaaabbabaabbaabbabbbbbababbbababbbbaabababba”, “abaaabbbabaaabbbbabaabbabaaaababbbbabbbaaaabaababbbbaaaabbbaaaabaabbaaabbaabaaabbabbaaaababbabbaa”, “babbabbaaabbbbabaaaabaabaabbbabaabaaabbbbbbabbabababbbabaabaabbaabaabaabbaabbbabaabbbabaaaabbbbab”, “bbbabaaabaaaaabaabaaaaaaabbabaaaabbababbabbabbaabbabaaabaabbbabbaabaabaabaaaabbabbabaaababbaababb”, “abbbbbbbbbbbbabaabbbbabababaabaabbbababbabbabaaaabaabbabbaaabbaaaabbaabbbbbaaaabaaaaababababaabab”, “aabbbbaaabbaabbbbabbbbbaabbababbbbababbbabaabbbbbbababaaaabbbabaabbbbabbbababbbaaabbabaaaabaaaaba”, “abbaaababbbabbbbabababbbababbbaaaaabbbbbbaaaabbaaabbbbbbabbabbabbaabbbbaabaabbababbbaabbbaababbaa”, “aabaaabaaaaaabbbbaabbabaaaabbaababaaabbabbaaaaababaaabaabbbabbababaabababbaabaababbaabbabbbaaabbb” ]
Your function returned the following output:
[1 ] [2 ] [3 ] [4 ] [6 ] [7 ] [8 ]

But when i run this in my local machine with the same input it returns the exact same expected output!!!

No one helps here at all, this is my 4th problem with same weird problem,


make sure you are not using global variable…