Hey the total time taken should be calculated based on the time spent on this cur


Hey the total time taken should be calculated based on the time spent on this current page … for example i opened this porblem 6 hours ago , but i didnt start writing the code… i had a power cut and went out. Just logged in now but it shows that im stuck and i can have a max score of 79/250 … this is nonsense


Hey Shouvik, I understand your concern. However, if we do that, then it becomes easier for people to trick the system. You can read the question, write your code offline, test it and then make a submission. That beats the point of having a timer.
We try to do the best we can by showing you the average time required to solve the problem to make sure how much free time you need to attempt the problem. Its however, not possible for us to detect power cuts.

Think of it like this. You are scheduled for a phone interview with a company. The interviewer tells you the question, and then your call breaks, and you are not able to reconnect. Now, if you call him after 6 hours with a perfect solution, the solution will not be accepted as it is. In those cases, usually a new interview will be done with fresh set of questions.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Anshuman Singh : I understand that… but perhaps it would be better if you can record the time for whihc one is writing the code … and the total time for which he/she is online/offline … that would give the best estimate … im sorry if i have offended you but all im saying is that you can put some diagnostics there


Shouvik Roy Thats still not the ideal case. I can still read the question, close InterviewBit ( so I am offline now ). Write the code offline on my code editor, and then come back to InterviewBit to make the submission.


Also, you did not offend me. I love constructive feedback.


Anshuman Singh : so you cant check whether someone copy pasted the code from an editor …for every problem there isnt a single solution …there exists more than one solution… if you believe that there is no solution or your solution is perfect, then you cant improve it any further


Shouvik Roy Again not ideal Shouvik. Why should you disallow other people from writing the code in other IDEs they are comfortable with, and then pasting the code here ? Not to mention, the copy pasting piece will produce numerous false positives.
Think of it like this. I have a solution template I might need to paste on the editor here.
Or, I don’t know the syntax properly for certain things which I might need to copy paste.
Other people in the field have tried this approach ( of disallowing copy paste ), and then realized that the signal is not useful.


Anshuman Singh : It was nice discussing this, well what i can infer from this conversation is that the main logic behind this is that if we open a question we should hurry up and finish it … similar to an interview … but still it cost me points :frowning: although there wasnt any fault … anyway i find this site really helpful overall … kudos to the team