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There You go!

select concat(directors.director_first_name, directors.director_last_name)
as director_name, movie_title
from movies, movies_directors, movies_cast, directors
movies_directors.movie_id = movies.movie_id
and movies.movie_id = movies_cast.movie_id
and directors.director_id = movies_directors.director_id
and movies_cast.role = “SeanMaguire”;


select concat(directors.director_first_name, directors.director_last_name)
as ‘director_name’, movie_title
from movies
join movies_directors on movies_directors.movie_id = movies.movie_id
join directors on directors.director_id = movies_directors.director_id
join movies_cast on movies.movie_id = movies_cast.movie_id and movies_cast.role = ‘SeanMaguire’


why is the movies_cast.role = ‘SeanMaguire’ an AND statement instead of a WHERE statement?

select concat(director_first_name, director_last_name) as 'director_name', movie_title
from directors, movies, movies_cast, movies_directors
where movies.movie_id = movies_cast.movie_id and movies.movie_id = movies_directors.movie_id
and directors.director_id = movies_directors.director_id and movies_cast.role = 'SeanMaguire'

just a small difference!