TCS Digital Interview

TCS called me for onsite interview on 18th July for their Digital Profile. Interview went well , actually their prime focus was ML(Or any digital technology) and I had done just Full Stack Web development. I told them that I am good at problem solving ,but even then they asked me to write a simple binary search code and find a node in a LL code (I did that).Then they asked some theoretical questions from Operating system and DBMS (I answered them).
Then they asked some general HR questions and done.
I was offered Ninja profile (Which is normal mass recruitment profile)
PS: The interviewer had no idea about what is Codechef and ICPC :frowning: !!
Thank You

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I gave interview through Codevita. The interviewer didn’t ask any major technical questions. They asked questions which a person who has just started programming could solve. I remember that I was asked these types of questions: “Ok, you are good in coding but what if we put you in support” and all these type of questions.

Result: Rejected

I have applied for a angular developer as a 5 year experienced person and they had conducted a technical assessment for me in which the Question are related to C,C++, java or NodeJS
not a single question is related to JS or angular.

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