The solution of the problem is wrong


Since there are 1000 bottles, 999 good, 1 poisoned.
If we know that one bottle is poisoned, only who drinks from that will die, even if the king force 1000 prisoners to drink, one per bottle, 999 will survive. 1 will die.
1 is less than 9, so it’s the solution.


The king wants to use the least number of possible.


The problem is that if you read the question this is not emerging, it seems he wants to kill as few as possible even if he is a bad king. So, he can disturb even one million but if one at a time drinks a bit from each bottle only one will die in the worst case.
If he wants to use as less as possible it’s a different problem.
We have 999 bottles good and 1 bad.
I would call one guy, and let him drink a glass from 1, if he dies ok I found it. if he is alive I’ll continue with the next bottle. if he doesn’t want to drink to much I can let him to have a rest for one day, but, in the worst case he will die after 999 days.
Anyhow, I killed one person, the king killed ten, so the problem is not described well. Which kind of problem you actually want to solve?
instead to create stories just put the problem down and I can give you a solution if I have time for that.


He might decide to kill every prisoner involved in the experiment if he feels that they may tell the world about his evil plans. So we must minimise no. of prisoners used in this experiement because in worst case he might kill everyone that drank the wine.


I don’t understand the solution.
In the solution he Involved 10 prisoners and only 9 killed. what about the remaining one??
king should have killed the remaining one because he is involved too naaa???


The question says, poison takes one month to take an effect. So in your case if you let one prisoner drink all in every hours gap, assuming he/she doesn’t need a rest day, we’ll get results after 42 days i.e. 6 weeks and he wants result within 5 weeks.