The test case is so wrong, how


Your submission failed for the following input:

A : [ "abbbaabbbabbbbabababbbbbbbaabaaabbaaababbabbabbaababbbaaabbabaabbaabbabbbbbababbbababbbbaabababba", "abaaabbbabaaabbbbabaabbabaaaababbbbabbbaaaabaababbbbaaaabbbaaaabaabbaaabbaabaaabbabbaaaababbabbaa", "babbabbaaabbbbabaaaabaabaabbbabaabaaabbbbbbabbabababbbabaabaabbaabaabaabbaabbbabaabbbabaaaabbbbab", "bbbabaaabaaaaabaabaaaaaaabbabaaaabbababbabbabbaabbabaaabaabbbabbaabaabaabaaaabbabbabaaababbaababb", "abbbbbbbbbbbbabaabbbbabababaabaabbbababbabbabaaaabaabbabbaaabbaaaabbaabbbbbaaaabaaaaababababaabab", "aabbbbaaabbaabbbbabbbbbaabbababbbbababbbabaabbbbbbababaaaabbbabaabbbbabbbababbbaaabbabaaaabaaaaba", "abbaaababbbabbbbabababbbababbbaaaaabbbbbbaaaabbaaabbbbbbabbabbabbaabbbbaabaabbababbbaabbbaababbaa", "aabaaabaaaaaabbbbaabbabaaaabbaababaaabbabbaaaaababaaabaabbbabbababaabababbaabaababbaabbabbbaaabbb" ]

Your function returned the following :

[3 5 ]

The expected returned value :

[1 ] [2 ] [3 5 ] [4 ] [6 ] [7 ] [8 ] //are you kidding me!!!


what to do with this case…
i am also stucked
please help


could only go through once I considered that every string is anagram with itself. When there are real anagrams present in the list, then the indexes will be “naturally” aggregated together if you’re using hashing


Yes, I agree. Such a test case makes no sense at all.


same error i got how can they give anagram to itself in testcase it will be valid for all string


You can see that every position is atleast anagram with itself. So if it doesn’t found it’s anagram till it’s position then it will make a new key in the hashmap. And I think this is a better thing to do rather than just to map only those who have Anagrams with others. You will learn something new in this.


I can even access the element 5 in a matrix [[1],[3,5],[2],[6],[4],[7],[8]] using the above statement. But after I return this matrix res, the main function is returning final output as [[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8]];
I don’t understand what is happening in main function. Can somebody help me here ?