What exactly is input here?


In this function -> numSetBits(unsigned int A)

here what exactly is A, like in the above example is A =11(decimal) or A = 00000000000000000000000000001011(binary)?

If it is the first case then before solving shouldn’t we change it to binary i.e. form 2?
Or the conversion is not required when doing bit manipulation?


Hey, the input will be just a number in range 0 to 2(^32) -1. It will not be in binary represenation. Just a quick tip, generally when the question will want to give binary representation, it will be in form of string or array containing 0s or 1s. This is becoz, a number like 1000000000000000010011 cannot fit in any data type. So giving in form of string or array will be easy. Here the input is " int ".


Got it! Thanks…