Why not 2nd offer?


Why 2nd offer is not better? It states irrespective of true/false you get more than 10$? Then what’s bad in that?


You should take offer #1, because you can guarantee yourself an arbitrarily large amount of money, simply by using the following as your statement:
“I will receive neither $10 nor $1000.”
If we assume the statement is true, this leads to a contradiction because you would receive $10, by the rules.
If we assume the statement is false, then to satisfy the falsity of the statement, you must receive either $10 or $1000. But since you cannot receive $10 if the statement is false, you must receive $1000.
Of course you can use any amount in place of “$1000.”


@shikhashah2627 As in statement 1 you can manipulate the statement and the value of money within when returning a false answer while in statement 2 you cannot manipulate the return money value as it is irrespective of the answer i.e true or false .


it said you could receive more or less than 10$, With option 2 no matter what you will receive the 1000$ or any value, for ease of understanding 1000$ is used.