Wrong test case answer

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How is the solution 2592?
My solution is failing for this test case.


I had this issue in my logic, too.

The only possible answers begin with 2 or 3 so there are 2 * 6^4 = 2592 solutions, 6 being the size of A.


Same I also got stuck here.
I want to know is my understanding wrong.
less than 4, count=2 so for first index the answer is 26^4=2592
less than 2, count=0 so here it is 0
less than 9, count=5 so for 3rd index the answer is 5
less than 5, count=2 so for 4th index the answer is 2*6=12
less than 0, count=0 so here it is 0

So the total numbers can be formed by this 2592+180+12=2784
Please tell me if my understanding is wrong.