Wrong value in test case (75, 22)


Answer returned is 261079935; expected is 478432066. Works for other test cases, and passes base test.
Mention: everything appropriately declared as unsigned long long, and moded - as per problem statement before final answer was returned. Any hints as to what’s going wrong here?


same problem for me too. did you get the solution?


same problem. i think there is a bug in test case. plz resolve this issue.


make sure to do modulo 1000000007 after each computation not just the answer. it got accepted after that.


Make sure you are using result mod 1000000007


The test case is fine. It’s all about the mod.


I had the same problem :
Because I was a using hash_map to store my function calls
I was using a wrong key :
key = str(id)+str(sum) i.e. if id = 11 sum == 211 my key was 11211
Now this is obviously wrong as id==112 and sum 11 for this my key is again same !!

so I corrected it key = 11_211


Try swapping the values of A and B,
this worked for me ;p
It is not clearly mentioned in the arguments, which one depicts sum and which depicts the num of digits, probably, you might have interchangeably used them